Transforming a 4 Bed House to an HMO – The Ugly Duckling Update

Transforming a 4 Bed House to an HMO – The Ugly Duckling Update

Things have been evolving quite quickly over the last month.  We have re-evaluated the project as we now have a blank canvas and believe that developing into the loft is desirable to increase the income and valuation.

This does mean we will have to go back to planning, but we are not looking at increasing the number of people in the property so it should be fairly straightforward.  We are also considering sacrificing the end of the garden to increase the amount of parking which should please the neighbours as parking in the road is not great – amplified by double yellow lines on an adjacent road so other residents also park on the road.  Maybe I should open another business just to let out parking spaces as they seem to be even more popular than property!

New site electrics and lighting has been installed as well as internet and an alarm system to monitor doors and rooms.  We still don’t leave any tools in the property –  it is Salford after all.

Building control seem happy with what we are doing and the inspector is local to the area which always helps.

The ground floor has been raised to provide the headspace in the cellar –  a far cheaper option than digging down as that would require that the building to be underpinned.

The first-floor ceiling has been lowered to provide additional space in the loft void.  Stairs have gone in this week as we are now looking at dormer extension.

The cellar has been dug out to provide more floor space and actually raising the floor has let significant more light into the cellar.  The first coat of tanking has gone in the cellar to keep damp at bay and old pipes and debris in the wall have been removed.

I did roll my sleeves up and spend 2 half days labouring on the project myself and 3 weeks later my shoulder is still hurting which reminds me that I’m not in my twenties anymore.  I have to take my hat off to my team of labourers -they have worked really hard under my business partner’s supervision.  I make sure there are always snacks and drinks around and often bring in lunch to show their efforts are appreciated.


We have discovered a number of the neighbours have a lead pipe feeding water to their property via our feed.  We have a number of solutions to tackle poor water flow rate which means we will be storing water probably in the loft void area.  I have informed the neighbours and explained the process for requesting the supply to be replaced.

On the walls we have battened on the 50mm insulation as well as to the adjoining property to provide enhanced acoustic insulation.  When the site is more accessible I will invite the neighbours to look at the soundproofing and the remediation to the party wall I promised.  Seeing is believing they say!

We had a grab truck last week remove several tonnes of waste for recycling as it was a far better solution than skips. In hindsight,  I wish I had considered that for the rip out.

The soffits, facia, downpipes and guttering are all in and make the place look a bit smarter but more importantly require zero ongoing maintenance.

I have been thinking about the garden area. It is going to be small but I want to do something special here. I think a little green space can really make the place look attractive.  I’m struggling with ideas so if you have any I’d love to hear from you.

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