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250,000 new properties are needed each year just to keep up with demand and only 150,000 a year are being built, so property is going to be in demand for the foreseeable future.

Add to that a growing demand for smaller housing units to accommodate single people and the rise in “generation rent” as the average first time buyer age is now 35 years old, there will be increasingly more and more people that need to rent property.

With savings, pensions and shares producing diminishing returns, property provides an alternative to mainstream investments that typically outperforms these traditional investment vehicles and certainly, in my opinion, gives you more control and less risk.

Many people want to invest in property and do not know where to start. For some, they may just be time poor or live in areas that do not offer good yields.

For others, it is about fear of failure and at South North Investments we like the phrase “transactional confidence” which is completing due diligence investigations on the investment, understanding the area and completing stress testing. This way we can hand over a fully let property providing monthly cash flow and hopefully move on to the next project with you.

We have specialist teams within the Group that gives us the ability to provide the full turnkey investment, from sourcing property below market value (BMV), architectural services, project management, bedroom/kitchen/bathroom supply, development/refurbishment teams, property staging/dressing, finance, residential and commercial specialists, right through to finding tenants and managing the properties.
All of this takes a huge amount of time to put in place and manage, let alone find the trades and team you can rely on, and we take away all the headaches with our streamline approach to property investing.

I Work in Two Ways:

Turn Key Solution

I can offer great returns on cash invested secured against an asset.

Leverage Contacts

Alternatively, we can Joint Venture, where I do all the work and you sit back and enjoy the monthly cash flow.

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